Image Personalization

How does Image Personalization work?

Using your recipient list, we integrate names into special stock images, making it look like it was photographed that way. Choose from our library of over 70 images.

Do I need to provide first AND last names?

You can provide first names only, however, we recommend providing first and last names when possible. Many of our images incorporate both into the design.

Can we use business names or combined names?

We have found that personalization works best with an individual's name. Long business names, titles, and family names (e.g. Mr. & Mrs. Davis) can make the personalization look distorted. Our system accommodates names up to 20 characters in length.

Can names include numbers, punctation, or other symbols?

Our personalized images accommodate english letters, numbers, and the following symbols only: ampersand (&), period (.), comma (,), apostrophe (‘), dash (-).

How should I format my list?

Names must be provided in Excel or CSV format. First and last names must be in separate columns. We highly recommend that you download and use our template. If using the Birthday Feature, please include the month and day (if known). Preferred format is: DD-MM-YY. If you are sending addresses, put the street, city, state, and zip code in separate columns. 

Can I make changes to my list after my order is received?

Calendar orders include two revisions at no charge. Additional revisions may incur a fee of $10v per revision. No revisions can be made once the order is approved. 

Can I provide a photo for you to personalize?

We use special stock images that have been designed for personalization and we highly recommend that you use those. It may be possible for us to create a custom personalized image from your photo, but our Art Department must review it and additional set-up charges will apply. Call for a quote.


Dateline Personalized Calendars

Can I start the calendar in any month?

Yes. You pick the starting month. NO additional fees. If you do not select a starting month, the calendar will start in January.

Does the calendar include a logo/imprint area?

Yes, each page (including the cover) will include your full-color logo.

Can I have a different logo/imprint on each page?

The same imprint is placed on every page. For other options, call for a custom quote.

Can my calendar have more than 12 months?

12 months is the standard length for our calendars. We can add additional months. Call for pricing and details.

What is the production time?

10 working days AFTER proof approval. RUSH service available. Call for details.

Will I see a proof before production?

Yes, calendar orders include an online proof containing three files:

  • A JPG virtual sample of the assembled calendar

  • A PDF displaying each page of the calendar with a sample name included from your name list

  • An Excel file of your name list showing each recipient's information exactly as it will be printed on the calendar. If you need to make any changes to the name list, please use this Excel file to make your revisions and reply back to the proof email with the updated file. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PROOF THIS NAME LIST CAREFULLY AS WE WILL PRODUCE YOUR ORDER EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN THE LIST.

What is the minimum quantity?

25 pieces of the same product, artwork, layout, and style. Each piece will have a different name, but all other aspects of the order must be the same to meet minimum quantities and avoid additional set-up charges.

Do you have standard Personalized Image Sets?

We have created four standard image sets from which you may choose. Each set includes 12 images specially picked to correspond with the month they are placed. For example, July has a great fireworks image. Note that you are not limited to these images. You can select any image from our library for any month you would like. There is no charge to change or substitute images; the sets are provided only to make your selection easier. 

Can I add US holidays and other special dates?

Yes, our calendars include the option to highlight up to four dates every month. We can provide our standard list of US holidays and observances without any additional work on your end. Just indicate "add US holidays" on your order. If you wish to add other custom dates, provide those in your spreadsheet. Be aware: standard US holidays and observances count toward the monthly four date limit. Also, there is a 50 character limit for the highlighted date text.

Do the calendar pages show previous or next months?

The 4x6 and Landscape size Jewel Case Calendars, and the Wall Calendar show the previous and upcoming months on each page. The Flip Calendar has a "year-at-a-glance" view on the back of each page.

Do the Jewel Case Calendars include assembly instructions?

Yes, we have included pictures on the inside of the cover page that detail how to setup the calendar for display.

Can I change the design of the cover page?

We offer many stock cover designs from which to choose. You can create a custom design for an additional charge.

Can I change the design of the calendar pages on Image Personalized Calendars?

You can create anything you like for the imprint area, but the overall layout and design of an Image Personalized calendar is set and generally cannot be changed. We may consider a custom design depending on order quantity and additional set-up fees. Please call for a quote. If you would like to design a completely custom calendar that DOES NOT include Image Personalization, consider our Custom Photos Calendars.

How does the Birthday Feature work?

When your order is produced, our system will automatically replace the normal image for that month with a birthday cake image that includes the recipient's name written in the icing. To utilize this feature, add another column to your spreadsheet called "birthday" and add enter the individual's birth month and day (format: MM/DD). This feature requires an additional cost per birthday.

How does the Message Insert Card work?

The Message Insert (additional running charge) is a card placed between the months of your choice. It's great for promotions, reminders, and special offers. The same artwork is printed on both sides of the card ensuring your recipient will see it. We have several stock designs that include Image Personalization, an area for your text, and an area for your logo (same logo as on calendar pages). For an additional set-up fee, you can create a completely custom card. Please note that custom designs DO NOT include Image Personalization, BUT CAN include basic text personalization (i.e. recipient's name included in the text portion of your artwork).

Can I send Image Personalized Calendars through the mail?

Yes. In fact, we recommend this—especially with large quantities—as it is much easier to get the calendar to its intended recipient than trying to sort through a large order of bulk-shipped calendars. Our packaging options are designed to protect the calendars in shipment and we print the postage and address information on them automatically. Direct Mail service also includes list verification with the USPS to ensure as few "return to sender" situations as possible. Since postage rates vary, please call for current pricing.

Do you have packaging options for the Jewel Case Calendar?

We have two options: plain white corrugated boxes or our premium full-color printed sleeve.

Do you have packaging options for the Flip and Wall Calendars?

Flip Calendars are packaged in a crystal clear bag. For Direct Mail, we also utilize the crystal clear bag with the addition of a 12 pt backer card that provides an added level of protection. An additional top page is automatically printed on the calendar that includes the recipient's address, return address, and postage.

Why is there an ID number and barcode on the cover page of my calendar?

We use these to identify and track your order through our production process. These IDs help ensure you order is delivered complete, correct, and with every recipient name accounted for. 

Can I make a change after I have approved my order? 

Yes. Art changes and name list changes (additions, deletions, modifications) made after approval will incur a fee. Contact Customer Service for fee details.