Stock Photo Sets

While we encourage the use of your own photos, these premium images are available for use in your Custom Photos Calendars at no additional charge.


01 - Exotic Animals

02 - Scenic Vistas


The Bob Shrader Collection

For Custom Photos Calendars, we now offer a premium collection of images by professional photojournalist, Bob Shrader. Bob is a native Hoosier and Nashville, Tennessee based professional photojournalist that has covered wars and the White House. His passion for landscape and nature photography is his escape and release from the crazy world we all live and work in. See more of his work at


03 - Light Play

04 - Shades of the Season

All images © Bob Shrader. Do not reproduce in any way.

05 - World Landmarks

06 - US Destinations

07 - Wacky Holidays

08 - Inspirational Quotes